Why Choose Us

Why Choose Maid Brite

Why are we better?

All of our employees speak fluent English and all employees complete a thorough training procedure. No one goes further to ensure a high quality cleaning than Maid Brite. Each of our teams have a supervisor who inspects their work to ensure the quality of the service. You may also rate each cleaning and your team’s performance with our quality card system.

Many other service clean on a rotational basis, meaning only one portion of your home gets fully cleaned each visit. Maid Brite cleans your entire home each visit!

Can you trust us in your home?

You are always protected when using us. Our employees are all bonded and insured. We do background screening on all employees. We pay workers’ compensation and all federal, state, social security and payroll taxes. Maid Brite never uses independent contractors.

Are we responsive to your needs?

At Maid Brite we aim to please. We will happily customize all cleanings to whatever you desire. If you have a problem we will rectify it as quickly as possible. If you call with a question we will respond as quickly as possible. You do not get a call center or someone in another state. Our phone rings directly to our local office and is answered by management not message takers. Our customers are our first priority.

What supplies are used?

We provide all equipment & supplies. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. On initial cleanings, move in cleanings, move out cleanings and occasional cleanings we many need to use stronger products. We are also happy to user you products if requested.